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Corporate Training Services

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Consider hiring your new truck drivers from within your business, and we will help you make outstanding drivers out of them.

Professional CDL Training, LLC provides a completely new concept in truck driver development. If you have had difficulty in finding competent drivers, please consider the following:

  • We have been training commercial truck drivers since 1996.

  • We have trained hundreds of truck drivers under the Wisconsin Workforce Development Act.

  • We are fully insured, licensed and approved by both the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Educational Approval Program (DSPS-EAP), formerly the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board (EAB)

  • We provide unique one-on-one personalized instruction – one instructor per student!

  • We use innovative training methods – the classroom is the vehicle the student will be learning to drive –100% of the training is in the truck!

  • Students train with modern fleet specified vehicles on customized training routes.

  • Our training methods are both efficient and effective  – normally, our students are driving trucks or tractor-trailers, in city traffic, within their first four hours of training.

  • We can train your prospective drivers in your equipment, at your place of business or with our equipment, on our customized training routes.

  • We are proud of our integrity – during the first four hours of training, if the instructor feels that the student is not likely to become and employable truck driver in a reasonable period of time, he/she will inform the student. You and the student may then decide to discontinue training and pay only for the fours hours training received or you may decide to continue training for as long as you feel it is worth your company’s time and money.

  • We invite you to contact us and request a review our long list of Corporate references..


If you are seeking to hire qualified truck drivers outside of your company,

we can also assist.

If you have previously gone through the arduous process of trying to hire experienced drivers for your business, you know of the frustration of having to weed through so many unqualified applicants. With our system you can advertise for and hire quality people seeking to learn Commercial Trucking Driving skills.

Note: Some insurance providers require certain industries to hire only experienced drivers so, please consult your insurance agent first.

Once you have reviewed our unique Training Approach, current Student Driver Qualification Requirements, Training PrerequisitesFee Schedule and Prospective Commercial Truck Drivers Employment Orientation Seminar information, please contact us if you feel that we may be of service to you.

We have no contracts to sign and all fees are payable in advance of the training service, unless credit has been previously established.

Compensation for Instructor travel expenses, where applicable, will be established on a case by case basis.

As we maintain no Brick and Mortar facilities, our fees are generally significantly less than others in our industry.

When calling for further information, please leave a message for our administrator in the event we are unable to answer your call immediately.

Please contact us at 414-218-0093 or 414-463-2955 or by email at

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