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How much does it cost for training at Professional CDL Training, LLC?

Our training fees vary, based on the type of training you desire. See our Fee Schedule for details.

How long will my training take?

That depends on your previous experience and how quickly you learn. The average time to complete training is 32-44 hours. Our classroom is the truck. Other than the initial vehicle Pre Trip, Controls and Gauges orientation by your instructor, 100% of your time is behind the wheel.

Unlike other systems, you and your trainer are the only ones in the truck during training. This technique is the primary reason for the reduced time needed for training and the high level of skill achieved by our students. Your training continues only to the skill level you require, not that of a group of students.

We provide Efficient and effective training – normally, our students are driving trucks or tractor-trailers, in city traffic, within their first four hours of training.

Our Commitment to Integrity – during the first four hours of training, if your instructor feels that you are not likely to become and employable truck driver in a reasonable period of time, he/she will inform you. You may then decide to discontinue training and pay only for the  hours of training you received, or you may decide to continue training for as long as you feel it is worth your time and money.

What If I can’t make my training session?

As mentioned earlier, training is one-on-one — one student per instructor.  Therefore, if you will not be able to attend your scheduled training session, you must notify your instructor at least 24 hours before your training appointment. In the event of inclement weather on the day of your training, you must also contact your instructor to determine if your training has been cancelled. Failure to do either will result in you being charged the No Show Fee.

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