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Getting Started


  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Must possess a valid Wisconsin CDL Training Permit for the vehicle class of desired training,

  • Must possess a current Medical Examiners Certificate that is in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

  • Must be able to speak and read English well enough to understand instructions, reply to instructions and comprehend traffic signs and signals.

  • Must appear for training sessions alert and well rested and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, (legal or illegal).


Any exceptions to these requirements must be provided to Professional CDL Training, LLC at least 2 business days before the first training session. There are no exceptions to the age requirement.


In the event a student has received an exception to any of these requirements, it must be provided to ProCDL at least two business days prior to beginning driving instruction. Our insurance provider does not allow exceptions to the age requirement.


Written Examination:

You will need to obtain an instruction permit prior to beginning training with us on the road. The permit is issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation/Department of Motor Vehicles, once you have successfully completed their written test and required physical examination. To prepare for the written test, study the Wisconsin Commercial Driver’s Manual, for the training you wish to receive. The manual is free at your local DMV office, and is also available for download here. There are limitations on the number of times you may take the written exam within a given period of time, so be certain to inquire at the information desk when you pick up the books. These books are available in both English and Spanish.

Physical Examination:

Upon completion of the written exam, you will be required by the state of Wisconsin to have a physical examination and drug screening before they will issue you the instruction permit. The forms needed for the physical exam are available at area DMV offices or online here. The exam may be performed by your family doctor or clinic. We have agreements with medical clinics in this area, should you prefer to use them (see our Fee Schedule for current cost and options).


Instruction Permit:

Once you have completed the written and physical exams, submit the results to your local DMV office where they will issue your permit. Fees may vary from those listed on our Fee Schedule, so be certain to check with the DMV at the time.


Training Information Request Form:

Download and complete the Training Information Request Form. 


Schedule Your Training:

As soon as possible, fax or mail a copy of your permit and medical exam to our office along with a completed Training Information Request Form. Upon receipt of these documents, we will contact you to schedule training. As our training is one-on-one, we schedule on a first come, first served basis.


In summary, these are the steps to get started with your CDL training:

  1. Attend one of our Prospective Commercial Truck Drivers’ Employment Orientation Seminars

  2. Download and complete the Training Information Request Form. Then, fax or mail a copy to us.

  3. Take the Written Exam for an Instruction Permit at the Wisconsin DMV (see Fee Schedule for current cost)

  4. Take the Physical Exam (see Fee Schedule for current cost and options)

  5. Receive Instruction Permit from the DMV by providing them with the satisfactory results of both exams

  6. Fax, email, or snail mail a copy of the aforementioned documents to us, and we will contact you to schedule your training.

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